I guide you inwards to your infinite wisdom, knowing and highest self; it is a shift of consciousness, clarity, alignment and deep awakening that I facilitate. My gift is to unite you with the essence of love and truth that you have come here seeking. You are infinitely supported and the power to transform and step up flows deep within you. This is why you are here! I am truly blessed to accompany you on this most divine journey!!!!

Shelley’s journey to the present moment…

Guided by my passion of helping people, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Studies and Nursing from Hawai’i Pacific University. I am also a certified Reiki Master, Healing Touch practitioner, Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Energetic Healer, Clear Channel of your Highest Self, Crystal Child and Blessed Mom to two vibrant souls; Luca an amazing gifted Rainbow Child and Sage Atlas a wise Unicorn Child! My Beloved, Jason and I are also blessed by an Australian Shepard, Raphael and four incredible cats, Koa, Lily, Zeus and Tibet Theadore Light.

My journey led me to the truth that there is more available then the solutions offered through my my limed focus on medical degrees and science. My work is powerful and transformative because it goes beyond what is conventional- deep to the core of who you are, inner wisdom, healing, connecting with messages from the divine and facilitating ancient healing by exploring the core of what one needs to internally recognize and align with for peace and to cultivate optimal wellness, love, joy, purpose, freedom and passion from within. This is a way of life and awakening that has touched my soul very deep.

I have a very special connection with children, this includes the child within all souls, which is who we really are. Right now, it is very important that we recognize the changing needs of children as well as connecting with the needs, desires and passion of our own inner child. By creating a bridge of understanding between children and families I facilitate the removal of old patterns, fear and energy that no longer serves the highest good for all, thus awakening love by welcoming truth, change and expansion as Who YOU Really Are!!!

Holding sacred circles, retreats and sessions is my purpose and passion!!!!! My soul has come here to Earth to create this space for others to unite with their truth, heal and activate as the full, vibrant, powerful, uniquely gifted STARS they are!!!!! It’s such a powerful life changing journey for ALL!!!! I Love being ME!!!! 😊

With SO much Love, Shelley 💕

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Experience Love Notes!

“I have always been dubious of energy work and psychics – never sure if it would be worth putting precious pennies towards something to intangible. Then one day I got knocked off my horse pretty hard. I needed help and energy healing was my only option. I am so blessed that Shelley was available at a time of such need. She literally saved my life. Her healing was more tangible than I ever thought energy could be. It was direct, clear and golden. Not only were her insights right on – she put me on a healing path of my own and cleared the way for my own inner guide – she did not try to keep me coming back for her own sake – but set me free to heal myself. Truly a powerful healer with the highest intent.”Summer V., Florida
“I am very discerning as far as Psychics go, and there aren’t many people who I let work on me, or into my intimate sphere. I feel so blessed that Shelley has come into my Life~~ anyone is blessed to work with her, especially on matters to related to parenting, gifted children, the Heart, Love relationships, family relationships and personal clarity, vision and healing!

Plus, I am in Arizona and Shelley is in Hawaii. Her guidance from a distance is invaluable, and it’s nice to know that she is available wherever she is needed.

Shelley is uniquely gifted, and a very special messenger of Light on earth! Shelley’s intuition is clear as a bell, always on the mark. Plus, her engaging, warm, light-hearted, good humored personality makes her a joy to work with!! I would recommend Shelley’s to anyone, and respect her input with the most valued and intimate areas of Life. Her guidance and energy are very clear and pure and her intention and way of Being are on a very high vibration. Don’t miss out on Shelley’s immense gifts, playfulness and wisdom!!”

Lizz C., Arizona
“Shelley is an amazing being and her capabilities to heal are out of this world. I felt so loved and relaxed during my session even with all the layers being removed. It was relieving and healing and I felt energized and calm afterwards. Shelley is just a fabulous healer and will definitely help you face and release all that blocks you from living your life fully and happily.

I definitely recommend her and her gift!”Tiffany A., Kauai

“My experience working with Shelley has been amazing!!! It has definitely been life changing. Working with Shelley has really helped me to be open to my gifts, and not be afraid to explore something more, that I really can create something and that I am needed in this world, that what I believe is real and what I want to create IS possible. I think I was looking for Shelley long before spirit divinely placed her in my life. And now everything I wanted to create is in the process of being created which is the best part! I feel so much better and so much lighter, so much more happier and at peace with the world. She is a pure light of love and I am so happy and grateful for her. Shelley is amazing and I truly believe she can help anybody towards their own goals!Melody P., Big Island of Hawai'i