The Dolphin Child is a vibrant, energetic, sensitive, telepathic. empathic, loving, kind, enlightened, fun, happy, psychic, healing soul from a far off land. Their pure energy and high vibration cleanses relationship and individuals of old ideas, stories and self limiting beliefs. They can easily detect the energy of souls around them as well as big global events. This can result in quite the fluctuation of balance in their moment to moment life.

To maintain harmony, peace and stay united with their core essence, it is important that they spend lots of time in nature. This may mean being near or in bodies of water, enjoying the forest, laying in grass, filling your home with plants, walking barefoot and having daily rituals that involve the earth and sky.

It is important to cleanse and honor your home sanctuary, thanking your space and blessing it with love. This type of ritual will ripple to the dolphin child, allowing them to feel more balanced and at peace. Empowering these children with tools to cleanse their energetic body and stay connected to their own inner essence is key. These are fun, easy and lighthearted practices that enhance an nurture their soul! Such techniques will help adults too!!!

Be patient with your Dolphin Child and know this Earthly experience is very new to them. Most of all love them no matter what they are going through. Tell them that everything is perfect and remind them that you are always there for them.

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