The Indigo Children are powerful souls. They are natural truth detectors with great big indigo auras. There is great power in the truth they speak and share in the world. You see indigo’s standing up for the “under dog” in society and changing structures that do not come from a space of love and integrity. Generally speaking, these children do not fit in with the rest of society. They have to find their way, discovering who they are and why they are special.

These children are the first generation of new children to come, creating the foundation for the following generations to facilitate greater healing, awakening and alignment on Earth.

Many Indigo’s are adults today. The awake conscious generation of Indigo’s are making changes in the world, on a very large scale. You find them working within the legal system as lawyers, lawmakers and government officials, or in corporations, they also have created their own industries standing up for what they believe in through social programs, peaceful campaigns promoting change, protecting people and honoring mother Earth.

The majority of Indigo children came to Earth at a time of great resistance, when parents, families and much of society are asleep. Many labeled as ADD, ADHD or Autistic and medicated so that they operate orderly in the social system as expected; staying quiet, listening, regurgitating information and following directions. This is not the way they are created to operate!

Some fly by without experiencing this and others forget who they are, with the opportunity to discover themselves in the process, believe in who they are and dig deep within to reconnect with their soul essence and be their authentic selves.

The Indigo child leads by example and provides unspoken permission for others to be their own authentic, expressive, creative, free, vibrant selves in the midst of pressure to conform, fit in and follow the rules! These souls will say “what rules” and walk the other way speaking, living and being a pure example of how to create your own reality!!!

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