Highly conscience enlightened souls are joining us on Earth today, these children are often referred to as “New Children”. They are rippling Love and reminding us of who we are, lifting a thin layer of amnesia from our souls so that we fully remember our essence and why we are here!

As humans, we often have a desire to intellectually understand elusive concepts, such as the New Children. It is important to note that each soul has their own unique personality, gifts, experiences and offerings. I have been taught about the gifted children entirely by spirit and each of them has a unique one-of-a-kind “intelligence”.

To support yourself and the children on your journey, I have created a page for each of the new children, as described to me by spirit and recently written a book titled, “New Children Awaken“.

Click on the following links to learn more about each generation of New Children:

Indigo Children ~ Crystal Children ~ Rainbow Children ~ Dolphin Children ~ Unicorn Children

It is an Honor to be here with YOU!!!

Shelley creates a sacred place for women, men, parents, teachers, friends, children and family to gather and share experiences, gain insight and support one another. Everyone is welcome to join and post questions, stories and insights on the community Facebook Group for New Children.

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