The Children of the Rainbow are energetic Souls of Love, Light, Laughter and adventure!!! They will fill your hearts with love and dance in the rain! Their energy is ecstatic and powerful! With an incredible rainbow of expression similar to their eclectic, bright, soaring personalities!

It is truly important to stay in the space of love especially with these souls. If you come from a place of control, anger or frustration they will respond by digging their heels in the ground, throwing a tantrum or doing the opposite of what you intended. This is because they only respond positively to pure, loving energy. If this is something you are learning within yourself you will learn very quickly and have great opportunities to connect with your center and let go of the need to be in control.They teach the greatness of freedom and empower you to surrender into the JOY of your heart and soul.

Their fast pace keeps them grounded in their own energy, in other words as very empathic souls it helps them to shift the energetic field they are in, to love, allowing all that is stagnant or old to be released, while maintaining their balance.

They are very social beings. It is a huge part of their purpose to help others, they thrive when connecting with people of all ages! It lights them up to serve by being themselves and creating shift in the world.

Rainbow children are very sensitive, intuitive, empathic, psychic souls with great healing and mediumship abilities. They awaken the heart, aligning souls with their authentic power of Love, thus reminding that we are love at the core. This is why we are on Earth, to Shine as our authentic selves.

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