Understanding Our Children

Today many of our children are wise ancient souls in tiny bodies. At first glance we do not understand or even have reason to contemplate their divine purpose and gifts. Quickly they sprout into little people and we begin to inquire about our ability to parent these bright, determined, sensitive souls. We hold strong standards for ourselves and desire to be the best parents we can be: loving, supportive, attentive, with healthy boundaries and high hopes of having the answers to their provocative list of questions.

We are blessed with the unexpected. A new generation of children are joining us on earth. These souls are often collectively referred to as “New Children”. They come with divine purposes, during this time of expanding consciousness and healing. In fact they are teachers and healers. On the surface, these special souls look much like you did as a child. Yet their spirits are different. They are here to awaken, heal and bring change to a level that we have just begun to understand.

Now is the time to heal and nurture the relationship that you have with your children and they have with the world around them. Your little ones chose you as their parents as you chose them. We are all blessed to come together here as one.


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