The Unicorn Child is the newest generation of children to come to Earth. They are very enlightened souls with the same foundational gifts as all of the gifted children. The difference is that these intuitive, telepathic, sensitive, psychic children with mediumship and healing powers are so very connected with spirit, who they are, truth, love and the infinite that we all come from. This allows them to hold an incredibly powerful space which activates healing so deeply and unconsciously within families, structures, individuals and communities.

There are not many words to describe these powerful souls. Only a few are on Earth now, as I write this. They have come to create shift where resistance has been and do so in the most gentle, loving and easy way, by not really doing much at all, but staying in truth and being present as who they are.

Their presence will bring old stories, fears and self limiting behaviors to the surface. They are here to cleanse this from the consciousness. You may experience the surfacing of old stories when these children appear in your life. Know that recognizing these stories and going within to heal and see the truth beyond any fears that have surfaced will allow them to heal and transform forever.

This is the time to be true to yourself. The Unicorn Children are wise beyond our ability to comprehend. Their presence can be compared to that of a Buddha or Sage. They invite you to open up, let go, explore, be vulnerable, authentic and start living from the core of your desires. This is where the magic happens!

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